How to Take the Marble out of Ramune

By Mary MacIntosh

Ramune brand sodas are a quirky and fun Japanese product with a unique design. The oddly shaped glass containers are variants of the Codd stopper bottle, which dates all the way back to 1837. The stopper of the Codd bottle is a glass marble, forced upward against the top by the pressure of the soda's carbonation. Ramune drinkers of all ages enjoy the novelty of the glass marble, which clatters around inside the bottle as you drink. After your beverage is finished, you may wish to remove the marble inside — preferably without any broken glass. Here's how:

codd bottle in Ramune soda
Once removed, you may add your Ramune marble to a collection.

Step 1

Place the enclosed plastic stopper over the top of the bottle and press down firmly to open the bottle. Hold the stopper down for several seconds to avoid fizz. By pressing down, you have popped the marble from its position blocking the opening to a shelf inside the bottle.

Step 2

Drink or pour out the beverage. When drinking Ramune, certain orientations of the bottle cause the marble to stop the flow. Tilt the bottle at different angles to find the easiest way to drink.

Step 3

Turn the plastic cap in a clockwise direction. Some Ramune bottles are designed with twist-off caps that twist, unlike Western caps, in a clockwise direction. If your cap does not come off after a few turns, you will need to take further action to get your marble.

Step 4

Put on heavy work gloves. These gloves will protect your hands from screwdriver slips, as well as giving you a better grip on the bottle.

Step 5

Pry loose the bottom edge of the cap using the screwdriver. The cap may come off easily, or you may only be able to loosen the edges slightly. Finally, the cap will pop or rip off and you can pour the marble out.

Step 6

Place the pliers around the cap and pull forcefully upward or at an angle. You may have to wiggle the pliers to work the cap off.