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Jack Daniels is a popular brand of whiskey produced in Tennessee. One of the best-selling types of alcohol in the world, it's even the choice drink of certain celebrities, such as Lemmy from the rock band Motorhead. If you're new to the world of Jack Daniels, you may feel overwhelmed with choices. Jack Daniels is a tasting whiskey, which means that it's favored because of its flavor and not necessarily because its high alcohol content makes getting drunk easy.

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Pour a shot. A shot glass is a small glass designed to hold around 30ml of any liquid. The object is to drink a certain amount of alcohol in an short amount of time -- shots are intended to be consumed in one quick sip. Doing a shot of Jack Daniels is counterintuitive if you are trying to enjoy its fine taste.

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Mix your Jack Daniels with water. Fill a standard sized highball glass about halfway with Jack Daniels. Then fill the rest with cold water. Mix your concoction with a straw or spoon and drink it the same way you would any other beverage. This mixture of Jack Daniels and water allows you to enjoy the drink for its taste while also diluting it a bit for people who have a hard time with straight alcohol.

An alternative to this method is to fill a glass with ice and fill it half way with Jack Daniels. The ice will keep the drink cool while also diluting its strength as the ice melts.

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Mix your Jack Daniels with soda. A popular way to drink Jack Daniels is to mix it with Coca-Cola. This mixture dilutes a bit of the alcohol's strength and complements its natural flavor. Consume this mixture casually and not with the speed of a shot. While Coke is the traditional choice, you can mix your Jack Daniels with any soda of your choice.


If you're drinking Jack Daniels at a bar, have a designated sober driver assigned or call a cab. It is never a good idea to have even a shot of Jack Daniels and get behind the wheel of a car. Always remember to drink responsibly.


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