By Fabiana Santana

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the No. 1-selling Scotch whisky in the world. It is a blend of more than 30 single malt and grain whiskeys, is flavorful and boasts a bright, bold aroma with fresh fruit. It became popular in the social circles of late 19th century England after a vineyard pest caused a shortage of French brandy. Blended scotches like Johnnie Walker Red Label are designed to be consumed as a cocktail style drink with a mixer, just like the brandy it replaced. Popular mixers for Johnnie Walker Red Label include sparkling water, ginger ale and cola, and should be chosen according to your taste preference. The cocktail should be refreshing while still showcasing the blend's smoky and zesty flavor. It can also be consumed neat or on the rocks for a more traditional drink.


How To Drink Johnnie Walker Red

Pour 1 ounce to an ounce and a half of Johnnie Walker Red Label into a cocktail glass wide enough to sip from. Tumblers or wine glasses are ideal, as they feature a curved top to trap in the Scotch whisky's aroma.

Lightly swirl the glass and allow the whiskey to run down the sides of the glass. Note the thickness of the blend. The thicker the blend, the more the alcohol.

Look for any inconsistencies or particles by holding the glass up to the light.

"Nose" the whiskey by putting your nose as far into the glass as you can without touching the liquid. Note the flavor aromas.

Take a slow sip of Johnnie Walker Red Label and allow it to fill your mouth. Swish it around so that it reaches all your taste buds. Note the flavor aromas and swallow.