How to Take Contacts Out With Fake Nails

By M.G. Kidd

If you are a contact lens wearer with an affinity for wearing fake nails, you may have no problem inserting your contacts but removing them with your fake nails can be more of a challenge. Attention to sanitation when handling your contact lenses with or without fake nails is vital to avoid irritation to your eyes. You will also need to avoid contact between your fake nails, lenses and eyes to prevent the potential of scratching and tearing your lenses and/or eyes. You can safely remove your contacts with fake nails by using the forefinger and thumb method.

  • Contact lens solution
  • Eye drops
  • Mild soap
  • Nail brush
  • Contact lens case
  • Lint-free towel

Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap. In addition to cleaning your hands and fingers, use a nail brush to scrub the insides of your fake nails to rid them of any deposits that can potentially transfer to your fingers and eyes during contact removal.

Open both sides of your contact lens case. Rinse out the insides with water and leave the tops off in preparation to store and clean your contacts when you remove them. Dry your hands and nails completely with a lint-free towel. If your contact lenses are daily disposables, disregard this step.

Lubricate the first eye and contact lens you plan to remove with eye drops. According to the Contact Lens Wearer guide, lubricating your contacts prior to removal will make them easier to slip them from your eyes. The ease will be especially beneficial with the length of your fake nails.

Use the forefinger and thumb method as explained by the Contact Lens Wearer Guide. Hold your free hand under your eye and position it to catch the lens. Place the outer side of your thumb on top of your bottom lashes and lid. Place the outer side of your forefinger to the center of your top lid. Lightly press your thumb and forefinger at their positions on your lids and blink. Your contact lens should fall into the your hand. Do not attempt the pinch method--where your fingers need to touch your eyeball--with your fake nails.

Transfer the contact lens carefully from your palm to your contact lens case and add a few drops of your contact lens solution to the removed lens. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the next eye.