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Applying artificial fingernails is a quick way to achieve attractive hands. It can be tricky to apply artificial nails without getting air bubbles underneath them. Air bubbles are not only unattractive, but can make the nails fall off sooner and can trap moisture. If you are applying your own artificial nails at home, follow the proper technique to ensure that air bubbles don't form.

Turn the artificial nail over so that the concave side is facing upward.

Open a bottle of artificial nail glue and apply a 1/8 tsp. drop to the lower center of the artificial nail. You do not need to spread it out, as this will occur naturally when you apply the nail.

Place another 1/8 tsp. drop of glue onto the center of the natural nail where you will apply the artificial nail.

Pick up the artificial nail carefully and turn it over so that the concave side is facing downward.

Align the bottom of the nail with your cuticle and slowly lower the artificial nail into position from the cuticle to the end of the finger.

Place the thumb of your other hand on top of the artificial nail and press down for 10 to 15 seconds to push out any air bubbles and to set the glue in place.


If air bubbles do form under the artificial nail, remove the nail by soaking your fingertip in an acetone-based artificial nail remover. Rinse and dry your hands, then apply a new artificial nail.