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The sharp, witty actress who starred in such classics as Halloween, the Trading Places and The Fog, also happens to have one of the most recognizable heads of hair in Hollywood. Jamie Lee Curtis’ cropped, silver locks give her an energetic and fresh look that translates well for many hair textures. This cut is ideal for women looking for low maintenance hair that also makes a statement.

The Cut

Ask your hair stylist to angle cut the sides of your hair leaving a 1/2-inch of length available to play with. Also request 2 to 3 inches of length on top and razor cut pieces which add playful texture.

This cut gives fine and thin hair textures dimension and body, but also suits medium and thick locks with its layered pieces. Curtis has very straight locks, so extremely curly hair textures should avoid getting this cut, as it will produce very different results.

The Wash

One of the benefits of Curtis' short hair style is that it requires minimal maintenance. Wash your tresses with a specially formulated brightening shampoo if you happen to have gray or white strands as she does. The compounds in these shampoos provide moisture as well as luster and shine to your locks. Curtis has stated she uses such a shampoo regularly.

Follow up the wash with a very lightweight conditioner once or twice a week to keep those strands soft and nurtured. Avoid heavy conditioners or products that weigh hair down or take away volume and shape.

The Fingers

Once you are out of the shower, avoid using products and instead, towel-dry your hair. Turn on a blow dryer to medium heat and low power. Run your fingers through your locks to lift the strands at the roots and create volume. Pull the strands towards the crown of your head for a smooth finish that keeps the look open.

Keep working with the hair until you have completely dry strands and the roots are nicely defined and lifted.

The Finish

Thicker hair textures need a bit of control, while thinner hair textures need a little extra volume and hold. Curtis applies a flexible hair pomade or paste that builds volume while providing flexible support; thinner hair textures benefit from this type of shaping and volumizing product. Very thick strands that need less volume respond well to a flexible mousse product that provides structure.

Run a dime-sized amount of product through your dry hair with your fingers. Focus the product on the longer pieces at the top of your head and smooth the sides out slightly for a sleek, playful look.