How to Style a Little Girl's Hair

By LeafTV Editor

How to Style a Little Girl's Hair. Grab your brush, pony tail holders, barrettes and bows. It is time to learn how to style your daughter's hair so she looks even more beautiful. Styling a little girl's hair must be done quickly and efficiently the first time since she probably will not allow you a do-over.

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Getting Her Hair Ready

Step 1

Collect all of your styling supplies first. Depending what style you choose you will need a brush, rubber bands, head band, barrettes or butterfly hair clips. Run some water on your brush and shake it; this will minimize the static in her hair.

Step 2

Sit your little girl on your lap or on a stool in front of you. Brush her hair and smooth out all of the tangles. A plastic vent brush with coated bristles works best to detangle. The bristles should have little plastic balls on the ends so they are not sharp.

Step 3

Squirt a little styling gel or mousse into your hands, rub them together and distribute it into her hair. This helps control the "fly aways" and gives fine hair a bit of texture.

Making a Pony Tail

Step 4

Brush all of her hair back across the top and sides of her head.

Step 5

Grasp the hair with your other hand as you brush it back. Pull the hair tight in a bunch depending where you want the pony tail on the head.

Step 6

Pull the hair high on top of her head for a cute look that keeps her hair off of her neck. Ribbons look cute tied in bows around this pony tail.

Step 7

Pull her hair to the middle of the back of her head for a traditional pony tail. If she likes to wear hats, keep the pony tail lower.

A Pony Tail Alternative

Step 8

Brush back the hair like you are going to make a pony tail. This time only take the top portion of hair parting it above the ears along the back of her head. You should have a small pony tail in your hand with most of the back of her hair still lying against her head.

Step 9

Wrap a pony tail holder around this bunch of hair.

Step 10

Grab this pony tail along with the remaining hair and wrap another pony tail holder around this. You can make as many sections in the back of her head as you like; it depends on the length of her hair.

Styles for Short Hair

Step 11

Slip a headband behind her ears and push it upwards across her forehead so it rests on the top of her head. Leave some bangs in front if she has them.

Step 12

Grab a small section of hair above her ear next to her face for another style choice. Twist each section and fasten down with a decorative butterfly hair clip. Continue up and around to the other ear.

Step 13

Pull sections of hair back from above each ear and fasten high on her head with a pretty barrette for a quick and easy styling choice. Purchase barrettes and clips with pretty bows to match her clothes.