How to Stretch Boots for High-Arch Feet

By Dawn Gibbs

People with high arches can have difficulty putting on boots. Once the boot is on, the high arches can cause painful rubbing across the top of the foot where the boot is too tight. You can easily stretch the instep area of a boot to make it more comfortable and accommodating for high arches.

A vamp stretcher stretches the material across the top of the boot.

Step 1

Spray the boot with stretcher spray across the top of the foot and in the instep. You can purchase boot stretcher spray at a specialty shoe store.

Step 2

Unzip the boots, if they zip up, or unlace them. Insert the vamp stretcher all the way into the boot. A vamp stretcher, also known as an instep stretcher, resembles a shoehorn that you can separate into two pieces when you turn the long handle that comes out the back.

Step 3

Begin turning the long handle to open the stretcher's two halves. You will begin to see the top of the boot raise up and the sides widen slightly. Turn it until you cannot exert any more pressure.

Step 4

Leave the vamp stretcher in the boot for 24 hours. Turn the handle in the opposite direction to release the tension, and pull out the vamp stretcher. The boot should now fit your high arches.