How to Straighten Wet & Wavy Hair

By Andrew Smith

When coming out of the shower, you may notice that your wet hair has larger curls or waves. While you have the option of having a hairstyle with natural waves, straightening your hair can give your hair a more finished appearance. The waves in your hair will remain if you use a towel or electronic dryer to dry your hair. By using the correct hair products, appliances and techniques, you can straighten wet and wavy hair for any occasion.

Step 1

Pump a nickel sized amount of hair straightening balm into the palm of your hand.

Step 2

Rub both of your hands together to coat both hands with the hair straightening balm.

Step 3

Work the product throughout your hair from root to tip. Make sure to cover your hair completely with the product. Add more product if you feel it is necessary but you should not be able to visibly see the balm. Adding too much product will make your hair stiff.

Step 4

Brush your hair from root to tip with the paddle brush. Brush the hair where it naturally parts. Doing this will continue to work the product through all of your hair.

Step 5

Turn your hair dryer on to high heat.

Step 6

Turn your flat iron on to medium to high heat. The heat will depend on the texture of your hair.

Step 7

Use the paddle brush to pull your hair straight and direct the hair dryer nozzle behind the brush. Drying your hair will smooth out your wet and wavy hair.

Step 8

Smooth the flat iron over your ends to complete the style.