How to Store Peanut Brittle

By Melodie Anne

Variations of brittle candy appear in cuisines around the world, with the peanut variety dominating the American mindset. This simple confection packs a seriously satisfying crunch -- but only if you store it properly. Whether homemade or store-bought, peanut brittle fares best in a cool but very dry environment.

Peanut brittle
credit: Mark Stout/iStock/Getty Images
Don't leave peanut brittle sitting out, especially in humid weather..

Savvy Storage

Moisture softens peanut brittle, robbing it of that satisfying crunch, so always store the candy in a completely dry, airtight container. Any plastic container or glass jar with a tight-fitting lid works fine. You can also use resealable plastic storage bags for peanut brittle.

Layered Protection

Use wax paper cut to fit the storage container to separate layers of peanut brittle. Leave a small gap between the pieces in each layer. This prevents pieces from sticking together. You can also wrap individual pieces of brittle in plastic wrap before stacking them in an airtight container.

Location, Location, Location

Think high and dry when you decide where to store your peanut brittle. High helps stretch the shelf life, since anything at eye level will surely get eaten immediately. But dry is the really important point. Store the container in a cool, dark and dry location to preserve the candy's crunch. Keep it away from sunlight and the stove. Don't store it in the refrigerator, where humidity turns it into a soft imitation of itself. In a damp climate, seal the storage container in a resealable plastic bag for an extra buffer of protection.

A Short Story

Peanut brittle tastes -- and crunches -- best when fresh. A just-set batch probably won't last long enough for storage to become a question. But if an iron will gives your peanut brittle a shot at a long life, or you plan to give it as a gift, proper storage should keep it fresh for up to two months. If the peanut brittle develops off colors, off flavors or mold, throw it out.