Ethiopian kitfo with herbs and cheese ayibe close-up. Horizontal

If you've ever had Ethiopian food, you are familiar with injera bread, a sourdough flatbread that is a staple if the Ethiopian diet. Made with teff flour, injera is spongy and thin, similar to a large crepe. To make injera, a batter is cooked on a skillet or clay pan, and the bread is placed on a large platter. Those eating gather around the injera to eat communally with their hands, ripping off pieces from the edges and using them to scoop up the different stews placed in the center of the bread. Injera must be stored properly to keep it soft.

Place the fresh injera on a wire rack to cool completely.

Wrap the cooled injera tightly in plastic wrap.

Place the injera in a clean, dry place, such as your pantry, at room temperature. Use within 2 to 3 days.


  • Make your favorite Ethiopian stews to serve with the injera and invite friends over for a communal eating experience.