How to Keep Buns Warm

By Zora Hughes

Whether they're used as dinner rolls or as a nest for wieners and burgers, buns are almost always better when served warm and soft. They can easily be warmed in the oven on low heat or even in a steamer basket, but keeping them warm afterward often proves challenging. Using simple insulation techniques and warming tools is one easy way to ensure your bread buns stay warm throughout the meal.


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Lining Bread Baskets


Step 1

Line a bread basket with a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil.


Step 2

Cover the aluminum foil with a large cloth napkin. The napkin should be long enough to hang over the sides of the basket.


Step 3

Add the warm bread buns to the basket. Bring the hanging ends of the napkins up and over the bread and tie loosely. Keep closed until you are ready to serve.

Terra Cotta Bread Warmer


Step 4

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step 5

Place the terra cotta bread warmer in the oven for about 10 minutes.


Step 6

Place the hot bread warmer in the bottom of a bread basket lined with a cloth napkin.


Step 7

Add the buns to the basket and cover loosely by tying the ends of the napkin together over the buns, until ready to serve.

Slow Cooker


Step 8

Turn the slow cooker on to the "Warm" setting.


Step 9

Wrap the buns in aluminum foil and place inside of the slow cooker.


Step 10

Keep the buns in the slow cooker until ready to serve. You can then transfer them to a lined bread basket, or place the slow cooker insert directly on a trivet on the table to serve.