Banana pudding

With its layers of cream, vanilla wafers and freshly slice bananas, banana pudding is a cool and flavorful treat. If you don't properly store it, however, it easily loses the fresh look that makes it so appealing. If your bananas turn black or your pudding absorbs the other aromas in your refrigerator, dessert might be a disaster. Following a few simple steps, though, makes it easy to keep your pudding looking new.

Fill a small dish with lemon juice after your pudding is prepared and decorated with wafers.

Dip each banana slice into the lemon juice before placing it in the pudding -- the citric acid acts as a preservative and prevents the banana slices from blackening.

Stretch a piece of plastic wrap tightly across the top of the dish. Cut it from the roll and make sure that it forms a tight seal around the rim of the dish.

Refrigerate your pudding overnight.