There are many different ways to glimpse the current trends and stay up to date with your wardrobe. Through taking some time to read magazines, watch television and watch what people are wearing on the street, you can get an idea of what is happening in the fashion industry. Keep in mind what you would feel comfortable wearing. Not all fashion trends are meant for everyone.

Check out the magazines at the newsstand on a regular basis.

Receive email newsletters from the Style website to give you up-to-date fashion ideas. Keep in mind your age and body type when reading these newsletters.

Keep your eyes open when you are out for fashion ideas. If you see someone's outfit you like, go shopping to find items that are similar.

Go online using a search engine for fashion web sites. Look at what the stars are wearing, and what the designers have on the runway.

Take a day to go shopping. Leave credit cards at home or just make a decision not to purchase any ideas that day. Try on different garments in style and colors you would not usually wear. Study yourself in the mirror; notice the fit and feel of the garment. Be thinking about where you would wear this garment.