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A career in the fashion industry can be challenging and rewarding on a creative and financial level. To attain the status of cover girl model in the industry typically means you've reached the highest status as a model. The cover girl title is reserved for the model who embodies what fashion is all about. While a career as a cover girl model takes ambition and the right look, anyone with those things, as well as determination, has a good chance at success. Here are some steps you can take to pursue your goal of becoming the next big cover girl model.

Compete in competitions. Beauty pageants and fashion shows keep you in front of audiences. Many of these competitions offer cash prizes. Some even offer modeling contracts. Compete in as many competitions as you can, especially when the prizes are big. Any wins in these competitions make great additions to your career portfolio.

Make a portfolio. The portfolio should contain a biography that details your history as a model, including any awards you've won and competitions you've been in. Include other relevant material, including plays and competitions you appeared in when you were in school. Your portfolio should also include between five and 10 8 x 10 photographs of you, half in color and half in black and white, which show you in a variety of settings. Include a mix of fully made up shots as well as more natural poses.

Get an agent. An agent will make about 10 percent from the work she gets for you, but she will set up casting calls, hook you up with photographers and get you through the doors of the big magazines, which increases your chance of getting the jobs that can lead to magazine covers. Consult a list of modeling agencies to see which ones fit you, then contact them by following their individual guidelines. Typically, an agency or agent will want to see a couple of photographs before they consider talking to you further about representation.

Be persistent. Take as much work as you can, including catalog work, commercials and anything your agent can get for you. The more work you do, the better recognized your face becomes in the business. Don't give up. Sometimes it will seem as if you'll never attain your goal, but the only way you fail is by giving up.