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When Guccio Gucci opened his Italian luggage shop in 1921, he featured leather goods that epitomized nobility, quality and Tuscan artisanship. As a result of this rich fashion legacy, Tom Ford's reinvention of the brand in the 1990s and the popularity of the double "G" logo, Gucci shoes and handbags are some of the most commonly knocked off products sold today. If you want to buy Gucci shoes outside of one of the authorized Gucci stores, here's how to spot fake Gucci shoes from the authentic ones.

Get familiar with Gucci shoe seasons, styles and designers. A Gucci athletic shoe created by Tom Ford in 1994 will not have the same design aesthetic as one crafted by Frida Giannini in 2007. To verify your Gucci shoes are fake, peruse current magazines that feature Gucci's designer goods for men and women. Magazine featured on newsstands will have advertisements with Gucci shoes for the current season. For example: A Gucci shoe advertised in "GQ Magazine" or "W Magazine" will feature shoes for the current fashion season.

Check the inside lining for a serial number. Fake Gucci shoes will not have an 8-digit serial number stamped on the leather lining. Authentic Gucci shoes will have this number hidden on the inside of the shoe, next to the shoe-size. The inside of real Gucci shoes are lined with leather and have a stamp with the words "Gucci Made in Italy" visible on the heel of the shoe lining.

Look at the sole for clues of authenticity. If your Gucci shoe is fake, the sole will be made of synthetic materials, not of leather. An authentic women's Gucci shoe has the words, "Gucci Made in Italy" stamped on the outside of the sole, above the shoe-size number. A man's shoe created during the reign of Tom Ford will have a silver plate with the words, "GUCCI" engraved on the plate, located below the size of the shoe.

Check the packaging and shoe bag for fake Gucci shoe clues. Gucci shoe bags are brown with the "double G" or "double C" logos printed on the bags. Fake Gucci shoes have white, tan and black bags without the "GG" insignia. The Gucci shoebox is a dark brown hue that matches the Gucci shopping bag and shoe bag perfectly. An authentic Gucci shoebox will have the word "GUCCI" embossed across the top in silver lettering.

Give your fake Gucci shoes the scratch and sniff test. Authentic Gucci shoes smell like leather. The soft leather on the outside of women's shoes is prone to scuffing and scratching easily by a fingernail. Fake Gucci shoes may use tough canvas fabric to mimic the double "G" printed logo. Authentic Gucci printed cloth, whether used on shoes or bags, has an iridescent quality to the fabric.


  • The seams of fake Gucci shoes are sewn haphazardly by a sewing machine and in a zigzag formation. Fake Gucci shoes reveal shoddy workmanship by using glued soles and synthetic materials. Authentic Gucci shoes are sewn by hand and the stitching is often invisible to the naked eye. Beware of buying Gucci shoes online. Stores cannot verify the authenticity of items bought from unauthorized resellers and online auction sites.