How to Spot Authentic Jimmy Choos

By LeafTV Editor

How to Spot Authentic Jimmy Choos. Fashionistas with shoe fetishes can't get enough of Jimmy Choos. These haute couture shoes, adored by celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker, cost quite the pretty penny, making the knock-off business almost as hot as the original. Telling the real thing from Jimmy Choo replicas requires a trained eye and a crafty mind. You'll have to trick anyone wearing a suspected fake into going barefoot to get a good look.

Step 1

Check the soles. Note whether the sole seamlessly blends into the upper of the Jimmy Choo, or if it looks like it was slapped together carelessly. Any signs of glue, cheap stitching or less than symmetrical stitching indicate that you're looking at Jimmy Choo replicas. Authentic Jimmy Choos are meticulously constructed; the perfection is partly why the price tag is so staggering.

Step 2

Trick the suspected wearer of Jimmy Choo replicas into taking off her shoes so that you can continue your inspection. Some good lines to try are, "We go barefoot in my house, let me take your shoes," and "Oh wow, I love your shoes! Take them off so I can see them better."

Step 3

Inspect the label on the instep once you secure a closer look. If there is any visible stitching attaching the label to the shoe, it's a knock-off.

Step 4

Examine the font on the label. If the "OO" is even slightly italicized, you are looking at a Jimmy Choo replica.

Step 5

Take a picture of the suspected replicas. This is when those cellphone cameras come in handy. Compare the photo to the catalog shots on and Subtle details like the style of the slingback, the heel height or the fabric used on the upper will close the case.