Spiked hair dates back to ancient Japan in the sixth century, and was revisited in the 80s by punk bands and their followers. But, big hair and spikes are making a comeback. If you want to get in on the latest hair trends, think sleek. Hair that shines, and is super sharp is the latest craze, and short hair isn't the only hair getting spiked! Sometimes you will want to spike long hair too. Although this technique can be a bit challenging, it is possible. With the right styling tools and some patience, you can have your hair standing on end in no time.

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would.

Dry your hair thoroughly. Either allow your hair to air dry, or use a hairdryer. Either way, your hair should be completely dry.

Decide what portion of your hair you would like to spike, and slather that area with a heavy duty spiking gel.

Take a small section of your hair that you would like to spike and hold it straight up in the air, with a comb.

Spray the section that you are holding up with a very strong hold hair spray.

Hit the area that you just sprayed with a blast from your hair dryer. Continue spraying and blasting until the section is spiked straight up, and able to stand firmly on it's own.

Continue this technique on all areas of the hair that you wish to spike.


  • Using a water soluble hair gel and hair spray is suggested. Because of the large amount of product you will need to spike your hair, you will want it to wash out easily and not leave a build up on your hair.

  • Using a colored or sparkle gel, can add a cool effect to your spikes!