A fashion trend that emerged in the 1990s, spiked hair was an essential for boys and men from middle school to middle age. A difficult fashion statement for men or women with curly hair, those soft or sharp spikes can be attained with the right treatment of products, drying and spiking.

How to Spike Curly Hair

Dry your hair with a towel and blow-dryer after getting out of the shower. Use both to dry your hair into a spiked position. With the blow-dryer, use your fingers and a comb to straighten your hair into spikes.

Moisten your hair when you are ready to style it. When wet, begin using your fingers to straighten your hair and push it into spiked positions.

Add gel to your hair. Many gels are meant for difficult hair and come with labels like "ultra gel" or "thick styling gel" and provide more hold than normal gels.

Use the gel and your fingers to lift your hair into spikes. Use your fingers to twist groups of hair upward. This combines strands of hair together into twisted spikes that usually stand up better than straight spikes.

Blow-dry your hair while continuing to spike. Twist and spike your hair as you blow-dry and the hair begins to dry and harden.

Spray your hair with hair spray. Once you have finished blow-drying, add hair spray for extra hold. This will remoisten your hair slightly and allow you to twist and lift your spikes one last time.


  • Reapply gel and spray and blow-dry once again if the first time did not produce the spikes you wanted.