How to Slice and Serve Focaccia Bread Wedges

By Serena Styles

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread often baked with olives, oils, herbs and other ingredients. The bread has a similar texture to pizza crust, and it can be used as an appetizer or as sandwich bread. Focaccia is usually baked in a round pan, cut into wedges and then split horizontally before serving it.


Slicing Focaccia


Start with a cooled loaf of focaccia; cutting warm focaccia can cause the bread to tear rather than slice. Use a sharp, serrated knife to slice the focaccia as though you are cutting a pizza. If you are using the focaccia for sandwich bread or if you would like large slices, cut wedges that are about as big as two cupped palms. For smaller wedges, cut them to be small enough to fit in a single palm. Serve the sliced focaccia as is or cut the slices in half as you would a bagel to make two thinner triangles.

Serving Focaccia


Focaccia wedges can be served plain, but they also take well to toppings. Try olive oil or butter in the middle of the wedges or use them with your favorite sandwich fillings. Pesto, melted cheese, chopped vegetables and other flavorful ingredients taste good with focaccia too. In addition, you can serve focaccia with pizza ingredients, fried eggs, mashed potatoes, pasta or soups.