How to Cut a Pizza Into 12

By Jenny Harrington

A perfectly sliced pizza begins with a well-sharpened knife. Rotary pizza cutters or rocking bench knives work especially well, because they are made to slice through the crust, toppings and cheese in a single slice. With the right technique, you can divide the pizza into 12 equal slices to enjoy and share.

round pizza on wood background
credit: Chepko Danil/iStock/Getty Images
Press the knife lightly into the cheese before cutting to make an even slicing guide.

Wedge Technique

Step 1

Cut the pizza in half horizontally. Cut it in half again vertically to form a cross that divides the pizza into four equal-sized wedges. Press down firmly on a roller cutter and roll it back and forth about 1 inch at a time so the toppings stay in place.

Step 2

Divide one wedge into thirds equally, cutting from the edge toward the center. Continue to cut across the entire pizza so two of the original wedges are divided into thirds.

Step 3

Repeat the process on the remaining two quarter-wedges to divide and cut them into thirds so the pizza has 12 equal-sized wedges.

Chicago-Style Squares

Step 4

Make a horizontal cut across the center of the pizza, dividing it into two equal-size halves. When cutting deep-dish pizza, use a single, firm cut firmly into the crust to avoid crushing it. Working from the crust toward the center can also prevent crushing.

Step 5

Cut a second horizontal line above the first middle cut, dividing the top half of the pizza in two. Make a third cut beneath the middle cut to divide the lower half in two. The pizza should be divided into four equal strips.

Step 6

Slice two vertical cuts from the bottom to the top of the pizza, dividing it equally into three sections. The completed grid, when cut, produces 12 fairly equal slices, although a round pizza will have smaller slices along the edges because of the curve of the pizza.