carve the roast

Electric knife blades, such as those on a carving knife, tend to have a serrated edge. A common kitchen myth is that electric knife blades need not, or indeed, cannot be sharpened. While electric knife blades stay sharp for longer than conventional blades because of their serrated edge, you should still sharpen them to keep the blade in optimum condition.

Remove the electric knife blade from the machine.

Hold the knife by its flat base, with the tip facing away from you. Grip the sharpening rod in your other hand.

Rest the sharpening rod in the first serration of the electric knife blade; this is the first divot from the blunt base you are holding. Slide the electric knife blade up and down on the knife sharpener, making sure the sharpener's metal rod remains in the same serration.

Repeat this action for each serration until you reach the tip of the electric knife blade, then proceed to sharpen the other side of the blade in the same fashion.