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Jameson Irish whiskey was first produced in 1780 by John Jameson. With a history that long, there are now many serving variations. Whether your like your whiskey untouched or enhanced with a few splashes of something extra, Jameson provides plenty of possibilities. Jameson has always been triple-distilled, giving the drink its signature flavor -- smoother than either Scotch or Bourbon. If you keep your preparation simple and your ingredients fresh, any way you serve Jameson is bound to satisfy.

Pour one shot of Jameson directly into a rocks glass to enjoy it "neat"-- without any ice, mixers or garnishes.

Place 2 to 3 fresh, large ice cubes into a rocks glass and top with one shot of Jameson to enjoy it "on the rocks." The larger and more plentiful the ice cubes, the better they can chill the whiskey without diluting it. Garnish with a thin twist of orange.

Pour one shot of Jameson into a highball glass over 4 to 6 ice cubes and top with juice or soda for a mixed drink. Some of the most popular "mixer" options are ginger ale, cola or lemonade. Quickly stir the drink before garnishing with a wedge of lime.

Pour one shot of Jameson over ice in a shaker to make a cocktail. Add lemon juice and simple syrup for an easy whiskey sour. Vermouth, bitters or triple sec all make great additions to whiskey cocktails. Shake the whiskey and any additions in the shaker thoroughly. Strain into a cocktail glass or serve over ice in a highball glass. If you'd like to add some fizz to your cocktail, top with soda after it's been poured into the glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.


Always store your bottle of Jameson at room temperature, since refrigerating or freezing it can dull the flavors.

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