Serve blackberry wine to offer your guests an alternative to the flavor and body of a more traditional grape wine. Blackberry wines come in a variety of styles, ranging from light and fruity to rich and full bodied. The sweet berry flavor of blackberry wines tend to pair well with rich desserts and robust appetizers. Expand your wine repertoire by adding a delicious blackberry wine to a course at the next family meal or group gathering.

Store the blackberry wine upright in the refrigerator for at least a couple hours or overnight. This will give any yeast or fruit particulate sediment time to settle to the bottom of the bottle.

Remove the wine from the refrigerator 10 minutes prior to service and open the bottle. Some blackberry wines have twist-off tops, but most varieties are sealed with a cork and will require a corkscrew. This can be done in front of your guests as the origin and name of the wine are announced.

Inspect the cork to make sure it has not dried out and begun to crumble. This is a sign of improper storage and may mean the wine has a musty or highly acidic taste. Pass the cork to your most honored guest for a second opinion.

Pour approximately 1 oz. of blackberry wine in a small wine glass and hand it to your most honored guest. Proceed to pour 3- to 4-oz. servings to your other guests once the taster has given their approval.

Return to your first taster and fill their glass so it is equal to the other guests.


  • Serve dessert and appetizer items that are less sweet than the blackberry wine. Compounding the sweetness with extremely sugar foods may overwhelm the tasters and change the drinking experience.