Chocolate Chip Mint Cake

Cold Stone Creamery is known for ice cream dishes created atop a frozen stone. Candies and other sweets are mixed into the ice cream according to the customer's desire. Cold Stone ice cream cakes are created with this ice cream, plus cake and frosting and decorated to suit many different occasions. If you've ordered a Cold Stone ice cream cake for an event, properly serving it will help keep the cake looking attractive longer so that you and your guests can make the most of this dessert.

Keep the cake in the freezer until 10 minutes before you are ready to serve it. The ice cream will begin to soften and eventually melt enough to lose shape when brought out to room temperature too soon in advance; however, bringing it out a few minutes in advance allows it to soften enough to be easily cut.

Count the number of guests that will be served the ice cream cake before cutting, to make sure you cut pieces small enough that everyone gets a piece.

Cut the ice cream cake with a large cake knife. Serve individual slices of the ice cream cake on sturdy plates. Slide a cake server to lift each piece to keep the ice cream well-formed as you transfer it to the plates.

Supply the guests with forks and spoons as individual preferences on which utensil to use to eat the ice cream cake will differ. Supply napkins as well, just as you would any other dish.

Place any remaining Cold Stone ice cream cake back in the freezer when all guests have been served. This way, the remaining pieces retain form and beauty and can be eaten later.