sliced orange on the table. the fruit texture is clearly visible.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice tends to be a bit pulpy and finding a way to separate the juice from the pulp can be a bit of a challenge without the right tools. Creative cooks can find interesting ways to accomplish this task with every day items found around the kitchen. Whether you repurpose a random kitchen gadget or poke a bunch of holes through a gallon sized bag; pulp filled juice no longer has to be tolerated by those who don't enjoy the texture.

Plastic Bag Method

Poke a bunch of small holes in both sides of a gallon sized plastic zipper bag with either an ice pick or a long, thin nail. You can also use an awl or something similarly thin and sharp.

Fit the plastic zipper bag around the top of a pitcher with the bag hanging down inside or have a helper hold the bag open over the pitcher or a large bowl.

Pour the juice into the bag and allow it to strain out through the holes. The holes should be small enough that most or all of the pulp will be removed.

Colander Method

Set a colander inside a large bowl (non-reactive).

Line the colander with a piece of cheese cloth and allow for at least an inch of overhang on all sides.

Pour the juice into the colander on the cheesecloth and allow it to strain into the bowl. Once most of the juice has passed through, gather the sides of the cheese cloth together and squeeze all of the juice out. Remove the colander from the bowl and pour the juice into a jug or pitcher.

Strainer Method

Fit a strainer to the top of a pitcher or large bowl.

Pour the juice through the strainer and remove all of the pulp.

Empty the bowl into a large pitcher or jug.


Any kitchen gadget or tool can be used to strain pulp from juice. If you don't have the above items, find something that has small holes (large enough for juice to pass through, but too small for the pulp) and use it to strain the juice.


Orange juice is highly acidic and should only be poured into containers that are non-reactive (glass or plastic). For individuals who are sensitive to the acid in orange juice, be sure to wear gloves.