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If you've used a relaxer treatment in your hair, using rollers is the healthiest way to give your hair volume. At one time in history, every woman owned a set of rollers. And every night, she painstakingly rolled up her wet locks before going to bed. Roller setting is something that takes practice and requires perfection. If you haven't rolled up your hair correctly or you've done a sloppy job, you'll wake up the next morning with some pretty frightful looking hair.

Wash your hair thoroughly and apply a strong leave-in conditioner. Work the conditioner through your hair. Dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer. According to Hair Style Magazine, you should always use rollers on dry hair, since rolling on wet hair can produce unpredictable results.

Use the tail comb -- a comb with a long pointy end -- to comb out your hair and remove any tangles. Divide your hair into three sections -- the top of the head, around the middle of the head and at the base of the head. Twist the hair in each section and fasten it with a metal clip to keep it out of the way.

Start with your first section of hair. Grab a piece of hair -- the more hair you grab, the less it will curl in the roller. Spray the section with hairspray and comb it through. Pull a roller to the ends of the section. Wrap the ends around the roller and roll the hair to the skull. Fasten it down with two clips where the roller meets the head.

Complete this process until the entire head of hair has been rolled up and allow it to set-dry for two hours.

Remove the curlers and comb through your hair with a brush to create a voluminous, naturally bouncy look.

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