How to Reverse Hearing Loss Naturally. Several factors can contribute to hearing loss. Age, of course, is one factor. Sounds of modern life also contribute to the problem. Lawn mowers, power saws, vacuum cleaners and blasting sound systems in movie theaters all contribute. Some natural means may help reverse loss. Read on to learn how to reverse hearing loss naturally.

Know that extremely loud noises destroy the tiny inner ear hair cells. These cells signal the auditory nerve to relay sounds to the brain. At least one-third of all hearing loss cases are caused by our loud modern life. Teenagers who love rock concerts can begin to experience ringing in the ears and hearing loss early.

Consider the use of nutritional supplements to reverse hearing loss naturally. Researchers looking for a solution to the hearing damage experienced by teenagers attending rock concerts discovered magnesium as a benefit. They found that teenagers taking a dose of magnesium right before heading out to a concert had less possibility of permanent hearing damage. A daily dose of 200 mg of magnesium can promote healthy hearing.

Learn that in some cases, hearing loss can be reversed naturally with proper nutrition. Studies have shown that deficiencies of vitamin A and vitamin E can actually cause hearing loss. Adding these supplements to your diet can help reverse hearing loss.

Get enough vitamin D in your diet in order to reverse hearing loss naturally. If you don't have enough vitamin D in your system, this causes insufficient amounts of calcium in the fluid of the inner ear. If you don't have enough calcium, the small bones of the inner ear become spongy. This spongy state interferes with sound transmission. Take vitamin D orally, sit in the sunshine for 10 to 20 minutes per day or eat foods high in vitamin D. These foods include salmon, herring, sardines and egg yolk. Cod liver oil also contains a large amount of vitamin D.