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While nothing short of genetic alteration can really make a boy's hair grow faster than the average half inch per month rate of growth, there are some steps you can take to ensure your hair keeps growing at its maximum speed. By keeping a boy's hair and body as healthy as possible, you can help him get longer hair as quickly as humanly possible.

Get split ends trimmed. An important step toward quick hair growth is to rid your hair of any split ends which will continue to split farther up the hair shaft and break off your hair if allowed to remain.

Protect your hair from the elements. Have him wear a hat when out in the sun to avoid sun damage. Just like skin, overexposure to the sun can dry out and damage your hair.

Limit exposure to chlorine. Chlorine in swimming pools can dry out and damage hair quickly. Use a protective conditioner before entering the pool to coat the hair. Wash hair with a swimmer's shampoo immediately after all encounters to chlorinated water to remove chlorine buildup from the hair's surface.

Eat foods high in protein. Foods such as beef, poultry, shrimp and beans all contain a protein fiber known as Keratin. Keratin is the main component in hair and a diet rich in Keratin helps promote stronger, healthier hair.

Include dark green vegetables in his diet. Vegetables high in vitamins A and C help the body produce a natural hair conditioner called sebum. Help to make a boy's hair grow faster by feeding him vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard.

Snack on carrots. The high levels of vitamin A found in carrots promote a healthier scalp. Hair cannot grow at its maximum rate if the scalp is unhealthy.


Vegetarians can substitute meats with two tablespoons of flaxseed taken daily in order to get the recommended amounts of omega-3 fats for optimum hair growth.


Beware of miracle pills touting faster hair growth. A balanced diet will have greater results on your hair's growth rate than artificial supplements. Avoid low-calorie diets when trying to grow hair quickly as they often lack the essential vitamins needed for optimum hair growth.