How to Replace a Brighton Watch Band

By Zoe Maletta

Shop at any Brighton store and you'll immediately notice attractive displays of bronze and zinc jewelry generously dipped in pure silver with bright leather accents and whimsical charms. You'll also notice that Brighton timepieces are especially appealing and worthy of heirloom possibilities. Should you succumb to the temptation and purchase a Brighton watch, keep in mind that since Brighton doesn't offer online shopping, you'll have to put a little effort into replacing watch bands by ordering directly through Brighton.

Learn how to easily replace a Brighton watch band.

Step 1

Determine whether you prefer to order a replacement band by mail or telephone. Keep in mind that payments by check or money order must be mailed in while credit card payments can be made over the telephone.

Step 2

Locate the style number of your watch on the back of the bezel and write the number down on paper for your reference.

Step 3

Determine your desired payment method. If paying by credit card, have your card ready. If paying by check, be sure to have your checkbook and a pen handy.

Step 4

Order the replacement band. Call Brighton at 1-800-628-7687 and give the associate the style number of your watch, your name, shipping address and payment details. If ordering by mail, be sure to still include the watch style and your name and shipping details. Include a check for the total amount, which in 2010 was $12. The price of the replacement band includes shipping and handling.

Step 5

Wait for the replacement band to arrive. The average waiting time is between four and six weeks.

Step 6

Take your new watchband and watch to a local jeweler to attach the new watchband to your watch.