How to Remove Warts from the Palm of a Hand

By Amanda Flanigan

Warts are caused by the virus known as human papilloma. The human papillomavirus causes a rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of your skin. Common warts usually grow on hands, palms and fingers. They are usually harmless and usually disappear on their own. Even though they are relatively harmless, warts are still an annoyance that can cause embarrassment and most people do not want to wait the many months or even years that it could take for the wart to disappear on its own.


Step 1

Use an over-the-counter wart removal product. There is a wide array of patches and medications available to remove warts. Over-the-counter products require daily use and may take a few weeks to completely remove the wart. Soak the wart in warm water for twenty minutes before applying the wart remover. Use a pumice stone or nail file on the wart between treatments to file away dead skin.

Step 2

Consult your doctor. There are a few methods that your doctor could use to remove the wart. The most common is cryotherapy. With cryotherapy, your doctor freezes the warts using liquid nitrogen. Cryotherapy is not known to be painful and is extremely effective. However, it may take several sessions for the wart to be removed completely.

Step 3

Use duct tape. In 2002, a study published in the "Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine" showed that using duct tape was more effective then cryotherapy at removing warts. Cover the wart with duct tape for six days. After six days soak the wart in warm water and rub it with a nail file. You may have to repeat the duct tape and warm water method for as long as two months before the wart is removed.

Step 4

Rub tea tree oil or vitamin E oil on the wart. Massage the oil into the wart and surrounding skin once a day for several weeks. Use an emery board between applications to file and soften the wart.