Himalayan pink salt with wooden grinder on black marble table
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Sea salt contains different minerals and tastes slightly different than normal table salt. The McCormick company introduced a series of spice grinders, including one for sea salt, to give cooks a choice in the kitchen. However, their sea salt containers aren't designed to be refillable. It's possible, with a little bit of elbow grease, to remove the grinder cap off McCormick sea salt so you can use it again or use it for other spices.

Rinse off the outside of the sea salt grinder. Dry with a paper towel.

Fill a bowl with extremely hot, but not boiling, water. Heat water in a tea kettle or by placing it in a microwave oven for five minutes.

Turn the McCormick salt grinder upside-down so the grinder part is at the bottom. Set this in the dish so that the grinder is immersed in the water. Wait for five minutes.

Pull the grinder out of the water. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver or kitchen knife between the edge of the grinder and the bottle. Gently wedge the side of the grinder away from the bottle by prying it backwards.

Continue wedging the cap off as you make your way around the grinder.


Don't pry too hard, as this could cause the grinder cap or bottle to break.