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Of all the plants used either as seasonings or as preservatives in food, there are a few spices on the market that taste like salt. Most of these spices are known as salt substitutes. However, you will also find that some spices have multiple ingredients which provide an adequate taste of salt for food and enable you to refrain from using a lot of salt in your meals. These are fitting for sodium-restricted diets.

Season All Seasoned Salt

Morton Salt company produces Season All brand seasoned salt comprised of multiple spices designed to give the same taste as salt. Season All is a blend of pepper, salt, onion, garlic and paprika and it is also available with a 25 percent reduction in salt content. Additional types of Season All include garlic, spices and pepper.

No Salt

No Salt is a sodium-free salt alternative product which costs approximately $5 for an 11 oz. container (as of the publication date of this article). Though this spice is sodium-free, it provides the same taste as salt. With 650 mg of potassium, No Salt has no calories, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates or protein.


Cumberland Packing Corporation, the maker of Sweet 'N Low brand sugar substitute, manufactures kosher Nu-Salt. Like the No Salt brand salt alternative, this spice has no calories, fat, cholesterol, protein or carbohydrates. However, its potassium content is 530 mg -- lower than that of the No Salt brand. Though Nu-Salt is also sodium-free, it contains other ingredients, such as potassium bitartrate, silicon dioxide, potassium chloride and natural flavor from citrus fruits and honey.

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Salt-Free Seasoning

Magic Salt Free Seasoning is a brand produced by Chef Paul Prudhomme. It is a blend of herbs and spices you can use in all kinds of foods to replace salt and pepper. Magic Salt-Free is a kosher spice that does not contain sodium, monosodium glutamate (MSG), potassium chloride, salt substitutes or preservatives.