Peanuts in nutshell on a wooden table

Many recipes that include peanuts call for the peanuts to be shelled and skinless before use. Shelling peanuts is an easy -- and probably familiar -- task. You simply squeeze the peanut shell until it splits in half and then remove thepeanuts from inside. Removing the skins, however, is a different story. Most methods of removing peanut skins involve at least partially cooking the peanuts first, either by parboiling or roasting them. It is possible, however, to remove skins from raw peanuts.

Place your peanuts in the freezer and leave them there for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Remove a handful of peanuts from the freezer and wrap them in your clean kitchen towel.

Rub the towel vigorously but not roughly to agitate the peanuts inside. This will remove most of the skins. Unfold the towel and remove the peanuts. Shake the towel into the trash to discard the peels. Repeat this process with a handful of frozen peanuts at a time until all of your peanuts are skinless.