Relic watches are popular because they offer style at an affordable price. But what should you do if your watch band is too big and the retailer can’t (or won’t) remove the links? Before you spend time and money with a trip to the jeweler, try removing the links yourself using these tips.

Things You'll Need

Check the links to make sure they do not snap together. If they snap together, pop off the links that you need to remove.

If the links have pins in them and will not snap off, look at the link closest to the clasp. This link may be marked with an arrow. Use a thumbtack to push the pin out the other side.

Spray a little WD-40 onto the pin if it’s stuck.

Remove the link once the pin is out.


  • If you need to put the link back in, insert the pin from the side with the larger hole.
    If the pin won’t come out, take the watch to your jeweler. Special tools may be required to remove the pin.
    Check the watch’s warranty before attempting any repairs on your own.