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The leaves of the henna or lawsonia inermis plant, contains a reddish-orange dye that is used in salon and commercial hair preparations, to color hair. Henna imparts color to the hair by attaching itself to the hair cuticle or the exterior of the hair. A semi permanent hair coloring, henna fades away naturally after several washes. However, on occasion, you may want to rid your hair of henna color, in advance of the natural fading process.


Wash and dry your hair, part it into sections and hold in place with hair clips, an inch width apart. Pour rubbing alcohol in a small cup, and dip a piece of cotton wool in it. Squeeze out excess alcohol and apply the cotton wool all over the hair.

Apply mineral oil or castor oil all over the alcohol-soaked hair and cover with a shower cap. Place your head under a hot hair dryer or heating cap for approximately 30 minutes.

Wash and shampoo your hair twice. Rinse well and towel dry.

Once again, apply rubbing alcohol to the hair, allow it to stay for 10 minutes, then shampoo and rinse well.


Regularly pamper your hair with deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture that was lost during the henna color removal process.


Do not bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide to remove the henna hair color, as it will also remove the natural hair pigment.