Coloring your hair at home is a messy, drippy process. If, despite good and careful intentions, you’ve managed to get dye on your forehead, neck and ears, take heart. Here are a few tips on how to remove those final traces of hair dye from the face.

Buy a hair color stain remover from your local beauty salon for the easiest and most effective solution. These products are especially helpful when dying tricky spots, like eyebrows, so consider buying a bottle at the same time you pick up your hair dye. Simply pour a little of the solution onto an old towel and rub gently onto the skin.

Use old-fashioned soap and water (along with a little elbow grease) for a safe alternative. Use a soft, old toothbrush or nail brush to gently scrub the area.

Rub a little body scrub or toothpaste (the kind with little cleaning crystals in it) to remove the dye. If these aren’t available, make a small batch of your own scrub with a couple of tablespoons of ground oats or sugar mixed with a tiny bit of water. Gently scour the skin with the thickened mixture.

Apply a bit of nail polish remover to a cotton ball and try to wipe away dye stains. Use this method as a last resort, however; nail polish remover isn’t intended for large areas of the skin and may cause some irritation.


  • Visit a salon and talk to a professional colorist if you’re battling a particularly difficult stain. He will know how to safely remove it without damaging your hair or skin.