How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

By LeafTV Editor

Glitter nail polish adds glamour to your holiday or vacation manicure. But when you want a new look and need to change the polish, removing hundreds of spiky glitter particles becomes a tedious ritual. It's even more challenging if you applied multiple layers of glitter polish to get opaque coverage. Fortunately, a little acetone nail polish remover and white school glue can rescue your nails and ease the glitter removal.

glitter nail polish
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How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish


Soak a cotton ball in acetone nail polish. Saturate the cotton thoroughly. Make sure there's enough to remove the glitter polish from one nail.

Place the soaked cotton ball squarely on your nail. Wrap a strip of tinfoil around the nail to secure the cotton ball in place. Alternatively, wrap a small rubber band around the cotton so the nail polish remover gently presses into the polish. Repeat this process with four more cotton balls on the rest of your nails on one hand.

Let the acetone soak on your nails for about five minutes. Pull off the cotton ball, along with the tinfoil or rubber band, in one quick pass, pressing lightly to ensure you remove the polish. The nail should be glitter- and polish-free. Repeat the entire process on the opposite hand.


Wash your hands thoroughly after using the acetone remover, which can dry out skin. Soothe sensitive cuticles with a dab of cuticle oil.


White school glue serves as an efficient and gentle peel-off base for your glitter polish.

This strategy also means you won't have to soak your nails in acetone polish when you're done wearing those sparkles. To start, mix together 2 parts white school glue with 1 part water.

Dip a clean nail polish brush or small, soft art brush into the white school glue mixture. Sweep the glue mixture onto your nail, working from the base of the nail up -- just like you would with a regular base coat of polish. Apply a thin, even layer of the glue. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Apply your choice of glitter nail polish over the dried glue base as usual. Allow your nail polish to dry. Add a clear top coat polish to seal in the color, if desired.

Peel off the manicure after a few days when you are ready to be glitter-free. Lift up the top corner of the glitter nail polish. If you can't get a hold of a corner, use a cuticle pusher to gently pull up an edge of the glitter polish. The glue underneath the manicure should allow you to peel off the glitter in one piece.