Glitter is a great way to add some "razzle-dazzle" to an outfit. However, when the night is over and you are ready to hit the sack, your razzle-dazzle can cause you serious eye irritation if you do not remove it correctly. In this article, we will discuss how to remove glitter eye makeup.

Wet a cotton ball with warm water. You do not have to saturate the cotton ball, but at least one side should be quite wet.

Hold the cotton ball gently against your closed eye. Do not rub the eyelid. This is just to loosen the glitter makeup which can be very sticky. Rubbing your eyelid can cause glitter grains to scratch your eye as they move across the lid.

Squirt a little lotion or makeup remover on a new cotton ball. The lotion should be about the size of a lima bean. Any more will simply ooze off the ball and could get in your eye.

Dab gently at your eyelid, keeping your eye closed. This will remove most of the glitter from your eye without your needing to rub and possibly damage the sensitive skin around the eye area.

Smooth the cotton ball across your upper eye. Do not press on the eyelid or eye area. Allow the makeup remover or lotion to pick up the glitter as it passes over the area.

Smooth the cotton ball across your lower eye area. Be careful not to get any makeup remover or lotion in your eye.

Rinse your face using the soft washcloth. Make sure that all the glitter is removed from your face so that it does not irritate your skin or your eyes while you are sleeping.