Macro image of human eye

A blocked tear duct can lead to a watery and irritated eye. It's typically caused by an obstruction of the tear duct, making the tears unable to drain down the nose and evaporate as they normally would. Luckily, this condition can easily be treated at home.


A cucumber is an efficient way to heal a clogged tear duct. Cucumbers are actually 90 percent water, and that moisture helps to release the blockage.

Using a vegetable peeler, peel off the skin of a cucumber. Then hold the cucumber shreds on the affected tear duct for 10 minutes. Repeat this three times each day for one week.

Warm Water

Water is essential in flushing out the tear duct. The safest method is to dip a washcloth in a cup of warm water, then apply the cloth to the eye with the clogged tear duct for 10 minutes. Do this multiple times a day. It can take up to two weeks for the eye to completely heal.


A simple eye massage can help to unclog a blocked tear duct. Start at the corner of the eye that's closest to the nose and apply light pressure. Slide the finger down toward the corner of the nose and repeat this motion 10 times. This can loosen up the particle that's blocking the tear duct and let the tears flow freely.