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Women are constantly striving for ways to look good, whether buying new clothes or trying a new hair style. Some even feel that they need to get surgery as they get older to correct certain things. Perhaps they have eye bags that are making them look old and tired. Before surgery, women should try a few simple remedies at home. They might save money in the process -- cash they can use for more clothes or handbags.

Drink plenty of water. The body needs to stay hydrated. Water may help the body flush out toxins and, thus, decrease the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Place something cold under the eyes. You can use frozen tea bags or even two slices of cold cucumber. Leave on the eyes for around five minutes to diminish bags.

Apply a firming lotion under the eyes. This type of product can, over time, tighten the loose skin under the eyes. Lotions containing caffeine may also be helpful. Because caffeine is a diuretic, when used in lotions, it can possibly deflate the puffiness and increase circulation.

Use witch hazel. Take two cotton pads, and soak them in witch hazel. Place the cotton pads under the eyes for around five minutes to reduce bags.

Apply hemorrhoid cream. Phenylephrine, the main ingredient, constricts blood vessels and shrinks under-eye tissue.

Try massaging the eye area. Use your ring fingers to gently press the area under your eyes. Start at the inner eye. Then move over slightly, and press down gently again. Continue until you reach the temple area.

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