Swollen eyes results from crying, allergies or hormonal changes. Many people experience swelling under their eyes when they wake up in the morning that will typically go away after waking. There are many ways of treating swollen eyes naturally at home that can help eliminate the problem without medical intervention.

Cold Water

Splashing very cold water on your eyelids can help reduce swelling. An ice cube wrapped in a cloth and applied to the eye is also an effective way of using cold to reduce puffiness. To help decrease the amount of swelling present in the eye, place cotton balls soaked in ice cold water on your closed eyelids for 15 minutes.

Drink Water

Dehydration causes the body to store water and the eyes are one place where this swelling will occur. Drinking plenty of water each day helps combat this problem. Additionally, high sodium intake causes swelling and drinking adequate amounts of water helps flush salt out of the body, cutting down on puffiness in the eyes.

Don't Touch Your Eyes

For people who have allergies in the eyes or on the eyelids, touching them can often result in swelling. These allergies are often the result of cosmetics or other skin care products that a person has a reaction to. Eliminating the items that lead to the rash or allergies will cut down on the swelling as well.

Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping on the stomach results in fluid draining into the eye area, but you can sleep on your back to prevent eye fluid drainage. Raising the chin with the use of a couple extra pillows is also an effective way to prevent fluid build up in the eyes that causes swelling and puffiness. In addition, UltimateCosmetics.com recommends getting adequate amounts of sleep and not going too long without sleep.

Use Food

Several food items are natural and effective ways to treat swelling in the eyes. Cucumber slices placed on closed eyes for a few minutes reduces swollen eyes. Potatoes and strawberries are also effective in reducing swollen eyes when used cold. Chilled teas bags can also cut down on eye swelling, according to "Elle" magazine. Chilling eye cream before applying to the eye area is another way to reduce swelling in the eyes.