Duct tape may be one of man's greatest inventions as it can be used to repair or create many different things. Duct tape is made to stick and stay, so when a piece gets stuck in your hair, it may seem impossible to remove the sticky glue. If you are unfortunate enough to have duct tape stuck in your hair, a few tips can help you save your precious locks.

Tie up any loose hair that is not stuck in the duct tape to prevent extra strands from getting stuck. Wet the portion of hair which is held in the duck tape.

Remove the thick plastic backing of the duct tape by heating it up. Hold onto the top edge of the tape and heat with a blow dryer set on low heat. Slowly and carefully pull on the edge of the tape. As the glue melts, the backing should begin to come free without damaging your hair.

Apply a bit of vegetable oil to your fingers and massage it into the sticky part of your hair which still contains duct tape glue. After massaging as much into the mat of hair as possible, hold onto the mat and try to remove the hair one strand at a time. If a bit of duct tape glue remains on the strands, run more oil down the strand, beginning above the sticky portion and moving quickly down to the tip.

Use a fine toothed comb to remove the clump of duct tape glue if you cannot pull the strands free. Apply a healthy amount of oil to the mass of glue as well as the hair all the way to the tips. Place the comb above the knot and hold onto the roots of your hair as you firmly press down. The glue should begin to move to the tips; however, add as much oil as necessary.

Take your time removing the glue in order to prevent pulling or damaging your hair. Once the duct tape is fully removed, wash your hair as normal.