By C.K. Wren

Chocolaty brownies are an ultimate comfort dessert. When you add cream cheese to the mixture, it just makes them that much better. Because the dairy content makes cream cheese brownies more perishable than regular brownies they should be stored properly in order to maintain their freshness and taste. Following a few simple storage steps will keep your cream cheese brownies tasting as delicious as the day the came out of the oven.

Cream cheese brownies make a decadent and delicious snack.

Step 1

Allow the brownies to cool completely after baking. Check the cream cheese portions to make sure they are cool and firm before attempting to cut.

Step 2

Use a sharp knife to cut the brownies into uniform squares and remove them from the baking pan.

Step 3

Place the brownies in a medium sized lidded storage container. Do not stack the brownies on top of each other to avoid sticking. Seal the lid securely.

Step 4

Place the container in the refrigerator and store for up to one week.