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Once the smell of fresh, hot brownies fills the house, many people cannot wait to cut them into pieces and enjoy the gooey treats. To cut brownies without them falling apart, exercise patience. Cutting the confection while it is still hot will likely result in a crumbly mess. While you can still eat crumbly brownies, those with smooth lines are more appealing to the eye. If you plan on sharing your brownies with others, they may appreciate one that's well cut.

Let the brownies sit for about two hours before cutting. Waiting until the brownies have cooled thoroughly will ensure they don't fall apart upon cutting.

Insert a plastic knife in the brownies along the top edge of the baking pan, about two inches from the edge. A plastic knife will glide more smoothly through the brownie than a metal one.

Run the plastic knife down the width of the brownie pan in one continuous motion. Try not to lift the knife. Using a smooth cutting motion will help you achieve the sharp edge that you want.

Continue cutting the brownies using the smooth motion. After you have cut lines running down the width of the brownie pan, use the same motion along the length. Cut the brownies as large or as small as you want.