By LeafTV Team

Sometimes you can find good deals on eggs and will buy them up in large quantities. But eggs will spoil even in the refrigerator after three to five weeks after buying from the market. To keep them longer -- up to a year -- you can freeze them provided you follow certain instructions.

If you have an oversupply of fresh chicken eggs, you can freeze their contents for future use.

Step 1

Freeze only the whites if you prefer. Separate the whites from the yolks. Pour the whites into a freezer container and seal tightly. The whites can be keep for up to a year in the freezer.

Step 2

Freeze yolks alone. In a lightly oiled bowl or container, you need to mix four yolks with a pinch of salt and 1 1/2 tsp. of sugar or corn syrup. For eight yolks, add a pinch of salt and 3 tsp. of sugar or corn syrup. Put into a plastic bag and store in the freezer. They will be good for up to six months in the freezer. Keep the yolks frozen until needed. Then defrost them in the fridge.

Step 3

Crack the eggs if you're freezing the entire uncooked egg. (Whip the whites and yolks together.) Use an ice cube tray, fill 3 tbsp. each in their own section in the tray. Put into a plastic bag and store in the freezer. Depending on how much you will be using, you can pop each frozen egg cube out (just as you would for ice cubes) when you want to use them. There is no need to thaw the eggs in the refrigerator before using for this method.

Step 4

Use your eggs quickly if you don't want to freeze them by making cake, bread, cookies or hot breakfast items, such as scrambled eggs and omelets.