How to Reduce Wrinkles Under the Eyes

By Melissa J. Bell

No need to hunt down the fountain of youth and turn the clock back to your teen years to get rid of your eyelid wrinkles. Wrinkles happen -- even if you've managed to stay out of the sun and away from complexion-damaging cigarette smoke. Natural, sometimes hereditary, loss of facial volume over time makes skin around the eyes sag, and muscle movement from lifelong minute facial expressions adds creases. A regular skincare routine -- and sometimes a helping hand from the pros -- can get your look back on track.

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Night cream alone won't save your skin from aging.

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Preventive Measures

Start early -- aging around the eyes begins when you're young. But you can still get results from preventative measures even if your youth was a bit too carefree. Always wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and put on UV-protecting sunglasses when you go outdoors. Moisturize around the eyes with a plumping lotion to keep sunken areas sag-free, and later pat on a nighttime eye cream that contains collagen-encouraging peptides. Before bed, gently massage your eye area to relax your facial muscles. Finally, while sleeping, avoid sleeping on your face -- the constant pressure just creates more wrinkles.

Regular Routine

Drink plenty of water every day, including just before bed, to erase wrinkles caused by dehydration. Pat a healing ointment over your night cream. If you have allergies that bring on undereye puffiness, be proactive about any prescribed allergy medications -- that puffing stretches out your skin. If your makeup looks cakey and causes your eye wrinkles to stand out, consider alternatives to foundation or undereye concealer. Plain skin primer will smooth out lines and leave your eye area looking youthful, if you don't mind your skin's natural color shining through. Once a month, opt for a circulation-improving facial.

Natural Remedies

An anti-aging eye serum with natural ingredients like sandthorn berry or African Anogeissus can help smooth out wrinkles if you prefer to avoid chemical-laden creams or worry about allergic reactions. Commercial moisturizers, too, have an alternative: facial oil, including your kitchen-standard olive oil. Massage the oil of your choice into your skin, then rinse thoroughly to get a glowing, hydrated look. You can also augment your usual nightly eye massage with acupressure to increase effects.

Doctor, Doctor

If all else fails, consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for stronger solutions. A light glycolic acid peel or laser resurfacing not only banishes damaged skin, but encourages new collagen growth and tightens wrinkles. Dermal fillers can return some of your old facial volume. As a last resort, a surgical lower lid lift will eradicate any trace of wrinkling from your eye area. Some doctors may also recommend a neuromuscular toxin injected below the lower lash line, though the treatment's effectiveness has been debated amongst professionals.