The iconic red, white and blue stripes on a cup along with the trademark polar bear symbolize the ICEE brand. This frozen, sweet drink started in the 1950s and is available at a range of locations from fast food restaurants to convenience stores. On each paper ICEE cup is a point value. Cut out the points each time you get a drink. Once you save enough points you can redeem them through the company for a range of ICEE merchandise.

Visit the ICEE website and click on the link that says “ICEE Stuff Points” at the top of the page.

Click on the link that says “Order Form” at the bottom of the ICEE Stuff Points page. This opens a separate .pdf file. Print the order form.

Add up your ICEE points to determine the number you have. Use the number to decide what items you want. Each available item is listed on the order form and includes the number of points necessary. Items start with as little as 25 points for a key chain and as many as 5000 for the ICEE snow disc.

Fill out the form, which requires the item requested, name, address and email.

Label and stamp an envelope with the address listed on the form. Include a check or money order for $6 to cover the cost of shipping the items. Enclose the order form, shipping payment and all the ICEE points you’re redeeming.

Mail the envelope and wait between eight to ten weeks for your ICEE merchandise to arrive.

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