How to quickly get rid of blemishes

By LeafTV Editor

Unsightly blemishes don't have to ruin your day. Try one or all of these model's trick' s to get rid of them fast.

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How To Quickly Get Rid Of Blemishes


Top model's never seem to have blemishes. Actually they do, they just hide them well. Here are some tips and tricks they use to keep them hidden.

If the blemish already has a head gently pierce it with a sharp sterilized needle and let the gunk ooze out. Finish it off with one of the following treatments.

Gently dab your blemish with any non fluoridated toothpaste. The toothpaste will dry out your blemish and also aids as a cover up under cosmetics.

You can dab it with nail polish remover. This will sting a bit but the acetone does dry out the oils in the skin thus causing it to dry out faster.

As a quick solution when on the go you can dab at it with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. This will also help dry up the oils.

If all else fails grab an egg. Separate the yolk from the egg and spread the egg white on your face. Let this mask dry and then gently slough it off with a warm wash cloth. Your skin will glow and you will get rid of that unsightly blemish in no time.


  • Always sterilize any needles or pins you may use to break open your blemish.

  • Be patient, your blemish will go away more quickly the less you mess with it. If it has been opened try one of the above once or twice a day and leave your blemish alone.