How To Purify Your Water Bottle When You Only Have Tap Water

By Sam Negrin

So you've made your step to helping the environment with your sustainable water bottle, great! But, now, you keep running into the issue of finding clean, filtered water to fill it up with. There's only so many times you can go into Starbucks (wait on the line) and have the busy baristas do it! Lucky for you, there are a few products that can help with this.

Activated charcoal and GoPure pod help clean water and re-introduce essential minerals.
credit: LEAFtv
Clean water!

Activated Charcoal Stick: Activated charcoal has the ability to bond with toxins in water, i.e. pulls them out of the water you're drinking and onto the surface area. They make activated charcoal that looks like a stick, which you can simply drop into a water bottle and replace every 4-6 months. It's incredibly easy, cost-effective, and makes a huge difference in the quality of the water you consume. (Amazon, $10.49)

GoPure Pod: This is a little pod, maybe the size of your thumb, that you drop into your water bottle to assist pH, enhance mineral balance and absorb impurities. It removes 99% of Lead and Arsenic, and 97% of Chlorine and Fluoride—which is very impressive. It also helps with the larger issue of the minerals and nutrients in our soil becoming less and less available, by releasing small traces of what we've lost back into the water (such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc). (, $24.95)

It's important to keep track of the quality of water that we consume on a consistent basis. It should be the #1 item you consume every day, so ensuring that it's filled with the minerals that we need with proper pH balance and rid of toxins is a no-brainer. Make sure you consistently clean your water bottles (using your brand's recommended cleaning instructions).

Safe drinking!